XeroSweet+ Stevia Fortified Xylitol

This Xylitol blend is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Enhanced sweetness is the benefit of this proprietary blend of XeroSweet Xylitol and SteviaSweet 95-60. Available in standard 30-60 mesh particle size as well as fine powder format. This amazing clean label sweetener adds to the perception of sweetness in reduced calorie applications. Flavor is clean with a very slight cooling sensation.

Advantages of Xerosweet+ Stevia Fortified Xylitol

  • 30-60 mesh standard particle size as well as 100 mesh granulation
  • 2 times as sweet as sugar
  • 2.4 calories per gram
  • Low glycemic load, safe for diabetics
  • Naturally produced
  • GMO-free
  • Kosher
  • Superior, smooth flavor
  • Pleasing cooling sensation
  • pH stable
  • Shelf stable
  • Heat stable
  • High solubility
  • High humectancy

With twice the sweetness of sugar Xerosweet+ Stevia Fortified Xylitol can easily be used to naturally reduce calories. This exceptionally fine powder has a pleasant cooling flavor that enhances citrus and mint flavors. It is neutral enough to sweeten a variety of foods including Confections, Frozen Desserts, Jams, Fruit Preparations, Sauces and Spreads.

Icon Foods’ exclusive contracts with suppliers assure consistent, dependable sourcing of non-GMO ingredients and proprietary stevia leaves and other natural ingredients. Our unique, natural methods of water extraction and purification produce an exceptionally clean flavor.

For more information and samples of XeroSweet Fortified Xylitol please contact your Icon Foods field representative by email sales@iconfoods.com or call 310.455.9876.

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