FruSweet · Non-GMO Crystalline Fructose

FruSweet Non-GMO crystalline fructose

Icon Foods’ crystalline fructose, FruSweet, is derived from sugar, not from corn or high fructose corn syrup. Fructose is the sweetest of all naturally occurring, nutritive sweeteners. Compared to sugar, FruSweet is 1.3 times as sweet. Achieve deeper calorie reductions though FruSweet’s synergy with non-caloric sweeteners and its masking effect.

Advantages of FruSweet – Non-GMO Crystalline Fructose

  • 1.3 times as sweet as sugar
  • 4 calories per gram
  • Low glycemic load, safe for diabetics
  • GMO-free
  • Kosher
  • Clean sweet flavor with rapid onset
  • Synergistic with other sweeteners
  • Enhances foods’ natural sweetness
  • Masks bitterness
  • Provides humectancy
  • Participates in Maillard Reaction browning
  • pH stable
  • Shelf stable
  • Low water activity

FruSweet may be used alone or with other sweeteners. It enhances flavor, reduces calories, browns nicely, and adds humectancy to baked goods. Cost savings may be derived from its synergy with other sweeteners, acids and starches. Low water activity and solubility contribute to its benefit in a variety of applications including dairy products, baked goods, bars, beverages, confections, puddings, jams, fruit fillings, confections and frozen foods.

Icon Foods’ exclusive contracts with suppliers assure consistent, dependable sourcing of non-GMO ingredients. and proprietary stevia leaves and other natural ingredients. Our unique, natural methods of water extraction and purification produce an exceptionally clean flavor.

For more information and samples of FruSweet please contact your Icon Foods field representative by email or call 310.455.9876.

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