Icon Foods – You one stop shop for sugar replacement. 

Pure and natural sweeteners for every formulation need!

All sweeteners are not alike. Whether it’s stevia, monk fruit, fructose, erythritol or xylitol they are all unique. Multiple compounds within the stevia leaves – steviol glycosides, monk fruit – mogroside V – have characteristics ranging from sweet to bitter. Isolating the purest, best tasting components  in a controlled environment is half the challenge. The method used to extract these compounds significantly impacts flavor and quality. Sourcing, processing methods and ratios of glycocides vary widely among suppliers.

Icon Foods’ sweeteners will enhance flavor and reduce calories, naturally.

  • Experience the difference of water extraction. This process, proprietary to Icon Foods, delivers
    exceptionally clean flavor that is free of chemical solvents.
  • Our innovative portfolio of all natural, high-intensity sweeteners delivers exceptionally clean taste across applications.
  • Stevia products, produced by Icon Foods, are optimized with proprietary combinations of Reb A and other steviol glycosides to reduce bitterness.
  • Monk Fruit extracts, produced by Icon Foods, are optimized with proprietary combinations of mogrosides and glycosides to reduce aftertaste.
  • Our line of purely extracted ingredients and proprietary sweetener blends provide superior flavor, calorie reduction, clean label and cost-effective sweetening solutions.
  • Rely on our deep formulation expertise to help you select the sweetening solution to meet your unique product development goals.
  • Collaborate with our applications team to maximize efficiency.
  • Choose one of our proven solutions or allow us to customize your confidential sweetening system.

If you are interested in sugar replacement products for personal use, please visit our retail outlet 

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